How to Learn Coding DIY Style

How to Learn Coding DIY Style

Mark Polelle

Mark Polelle

Many people are interested in learning how to code. There are free resources on the web that teach programming, techniques to develop software and provide code samples. These resources and tutorials are one of the best ways to learn how to code.

The Language

The biggest mistake is wasting time trying to determine which programming language is the best. The language is not nearly as important as understanding the design patterns and control and data structures. All languages have common elements that promote learning, and the way to begin is to choose a language suitable for the type of development the individual is interested in. There are numerous types of platforms used as a command line from the web to the smartphone or desktop.

Desktop Scripting

The easiest way to begin programming for a Mac or Windows desktop is with a macro or scripting program such as Automator for Mac or AutoHotkey for windows. This is an ideal way to begin because automated actions can be used on the desktop, the tools are free, and the beginner can learn a lot. The standalone Windows application was developed using AutoHotkey, and any action can be turned into a shortcut on the keyboard.


HTML is the basis for building any website. This provides the page markup web pages are made from. CSS is the style information that ensures the markup appears pretty. They are not a true programming language but provide the information for the style and structure of the page, and the basics must be understood before a web application can be built.


Once the static web page has been created with CSS and HTML, JavaScript must be learned. This is the web browsers programming language. This is how bookmarklets, Ajax, Greasemonkey user scripts, and various programs on the web are made.

Server-Side Scripting

Once the web page has been created, it requires some dynamic server action. This is accomplished with a server-side scripting language such as Ruby, Perl, Python, and PHP. The scripting language can talk to the web servers database and is used for sites where users log in, and their information is stored. Webmonkey has a lot of tutorials for learning different web programming languages. Every entry has comments from the user at the bottom that are extremely helpful.

Web Frameworks

The web framework is used to do the repetitive work. A good example is the Ruby on Rails framework which offers a web-specific structure for the Ruby programming language, so common web application tasks are completed. Rails can be effectively used to build serious web applications. Some of the most popular web development frameworks are jQuery for JavaScript, Django for Python programmers and CakePHP for PHP programmers. Learning about experts in the technical field is always a good way to understand more about coding and programming. Visit Mark Polelle.

Web API’s

API stands for application programming interface. This is a way to program different software to talk to each other. An example is if there is a dynamic map on a website, instead of building a customized map, Google Map can be used instead. This makes it easier to include a map using JavaScript. Most web services have API’s that allow widgets and data from the application to be included such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps and Google Docs. When web apps are integrated into the application using API’s, the web development is much richer. The web service API’s offer quick start guides and documentation so the user can try the service.

Command Line Scripting

Any program written requiring file input and output or textual files begins with the command line. This is the best way to rapidly develop quick scripts capable of automating the processes. There are numerous scripting languages using a Linux-based web server that use the command line including PHP, Python, and Perl. Learning any of these makes the user conversant in two different contexts. From computers to the internet to blockchain, technological information is always helpful. Please take a moment to visit Mark Polelle.


Mastering HTML, CSS and JavaScript enables the user to do quite a bit in any web browser. The advanced browser add-ons such as the Firefox extensions increase the capabilities of the user even more. A lot of the free applications have an extension framework including MediaWiki and WordPress. Both are written in PHP, so becoming comfortable with PHP is necessary before beginning.

The best part of learning programming and coding is using the skills on a desktop to create a web page. Learning to code is about practicing, trial and error. It is advisable to try many different platforms and languages to see which one suits the individual user the most.