7 Easy DIY Weekend Garage Projects

7 Easy DIY Weekend Garage Projects

Many homeowners take pride in their homes to an extent they feel there is no need to reassemble some parts to create a bit of space or to improve the setting. The notion that their homes are well-organized denies them a chance to enjoy the benefits of maximizing on the space available through minor rearrangements that can be completed over a weekend. The garage is one of the most important parts of a home that needs rearrangement and repairs from time to time to allow maximum utilization of the space available. To get the best out of your garage, you can try these DIY projects over the weekend.

1. Recycle and repurpose

Recycling not only benefits the homeowner but also contributes to the conservation of the environment. Even if you don’t support going green, you can still find ways to recycle things in the house in a great way that will save money as well. Muffin tins can be converted into storage bins with labels for each section. They can be used to store items like screws and small nuts. You can also turn your storage cabinet into a storage unit for items like spades and hammers.

2. Maximize space with shelving and storage

Most homeowners don’t use their garages as a storage space, which means they have to keep items they need in other places in the house. For a two-car garage, you will in most cases have at least 400 square feet. This is a lot of space if creative ideas are applied to design storage compartments for different tools. One of the ideas homeowners can embrace is ceiling storage racks, which can be made over a weekend. The setup can accommodate tools needed at the garage, so you will not need to fetch them from other places while working on your car.

3. Magnetic bits holder

Using magnetic tool holders, you can store light tools like drills in a manner that allows you to reach them whenever needed. Mounting a magnetic bit rack is a process that cannot take a lot of time. Over one of the weekends, you can buy the rack then assemble it to decongest cabinets. This idea not only offers convenience, but also allows you to save a lot of money while developing the storage system.

4. Make a pegboard wall

Another DIY option homeowners have is creating a pegboard, which is among low-cost storage ideas they can pursue to keep their garages organized. The pegboard is ideal for hanging lightweight tools and offers a convenient solution for keeping items in place. There are also many tutorials and instructional articles that guide homeowners on how to install a pegboard, so you should not have problems installing one over the weekend.

5. Group like things using plastic tabs

Grouping like items makes it easy to locate the tools you need. It takes time to sort things in a messy garage where all tools are stored in the same compartment. Having plastic tabs and labeling them according to the group of tools each will hold makes the garage more organized. You will have less work to do in future while retrieving important tools.

6. Build a wooden tape dispenser

For your frequent needs of using the tape, you can mount a wooden dispenser on the wall to enhance convenience and to create order in your garage. You can have multiple slots for different tapes that you may need in the garage. Also consult experts like Marty Stallone for better ideas while setting up the garage.

7. Hang bikes on the wall

Bikes consume a lot of space when left on the floor. You want to freely move about and having obstacles on the floor may not be a good idea. Hanging bikes on the wall is a perfect idea that is also endorsed by experts like Marty Stallone.