How to Learn Coding DIY Style

Mark Polelle

How to Learn Coding DIY Style

Mark Polelle

Many people are interested in learning how to code. There are free resources on the web that teach programming, techniques to develop software and provide code samples. These resources and tutorials are one of the best ways to learn how to code.

The Language

The biggest mistake is wasting time trying to determine which programming language is the best. The language is not nearly as important as understanding the design patterns and control and data structures. All languages have common elements that promote learning, and the way to begin is to choose a language suitable for the type of development the individual is interested in. There are numerous types of platforms used as a command line from the web to the smartphone or desktop.

Desktop Scripting

The easiest way to begin programming for a Mac or Windows desktop is with a macro or scripting program such as Automator for Mac or AutoHotkey for windows. This is an ideal way to begin because automated actions can be used on the desktop, the tools are free, and the beginner can learn a lot. The standalone Windows application was developed using AutoHotkey, and any action can be turned into a shortcut on the keyboard.


HTML is the basis for building any website. This provides the page markup web pages are made from. CSS is the style information that ensures the markup appears pretty. They are not a true programming language but provide the information for the style and structure of the page, and the basics must be understood before a web application can be built.


Once the static web page has been created with CSS and HTML, JavaScript must be learned. This is the web browsers programming language. This is how bookmarklets, Ajax, Greasemonkey user scripts, and various programs on the web are made.

Server-Side Scripting

Once the web page has been created, it requires some dynamic server action. This is accomplished with a server-side scripting language such as Ruby, Perl, Python, and PHP. The scripting language can talk to the web servers database and is used for sites where users log in, and their information is stored. Webmonkey has a lot of tutorials for learning different web programming languages. Every entry has comments from the user at the bottom that are extremely helpful.

Web Frameworks

The web framework is used to do the repetitive work. A good example is the Ruby on Rails framework which offers a web-specific structure for the Ruby programming language, so common web application tasks are completed. Rails can be effectively used to build serious web applications. Some of the most popular web development frameworks are jQuery for JavaScript, Django for Python programmers and CakePHP for PHP programmers. Learning about experts in the technical field is always a good way to understand more about coding and programming. Visit Mark Polelle.

Web API’s

API stands for application programming interface. This is a way to program different software to talk to each other. An example is if there is a dynamic map on a website, instead of building a customized map, Google Map can be used instead. This makes it easier to include a map using JavaScript. Most web services have API’s that allow widgets and data from the application to be included such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps and Google Docs. When web apps are integrated into the application using API’s, the web development is much richer. The web service API’s offer quick start guides and documentation so the user can try the service.

Command Line Scripting

Any program written requiring file input and output or textual files begins with the command line. This is the best way to rapidly develop quick scripts capable of automating the processes. There are numerous scripting languages using a Linux-based web server that use the command line including PHP, Python, and Perl. Learning any of these makes the user conversant in two different contexts. From computers to the internet to blockchain, technological information is always helpful. Please take a moment to visit Mark Polelle.


Mastering HTML, CSS and JavaScript enables the user to do quite a bit in any web browser. The advanced browser add-ons such as the Firefox extensions increase the capabilities of the user even more. A lot of the free applications have an extension framework including MediaWiki and WordPress. Both are written in PHP, so becoming comfortable with PHP is necessary before beginning.

The best part of learning programming and coding is using the skills on a desktop to create a web page. Learning to code is about practicing, trial and error. It is advisable to try many different platforms and languages to see which one suits the individual user the most.

5 DIY Digital Marketing Tips for New Entrepreneurs

New entrepreneurs and startups boot strapping their business often find marketing a challenge. While most will hire a pro like Charles Lubbat  when they reach a certain revenue point or land investment funding, beginning their business marketing remains challenging. The do-it-yourself method works. It just takes a little learning and practice. Here are five ways you can kickstart your marketing.

Establish Direct Contact

Establish a direct, real time conversation with your potential customers and/or existing customers. This achieves three key goals:

1. It establishes a positive, honest relationship.

2. It lets you get to know their needs.

3. It ensures you both recieve clear, transparent information.

Customers buy from individuals and brands they trust who fill their needs. You can make the best broom on earth, but if users need a mop, they won’t buy your broom. Direct communication also ensures clear messages. Remember the grade school game when the teacher began a sentence at the first desk and each person whispered it to the next? By the time the message reached the last desk in the room, even the first row, it had changed. Middle men and go-betweens hurt business by deteriorating communication transparency.

Use social media.

While not every client can or wants to visit your office or speak on the phone, most want to see social media accounts that remain active and engaged. These accounts provide you with a free, key mechanism to communicate directly with your customers. Take full advantage of it and get to know what your customers want. Then you can give it to them and they will buy. Don’t live online. Jump on for 15 to 20 minutes a day (per business account if you run more than one business). Less is more and you have lot of other work to do to run a business.

Provide quality content only.

Providing quality really is simple. Social media lets you see what your target audience wants before you even make a post. Just look at the competition. Which posts get the most consistent positive reaction? Which engage users the most? If you do already have an established account, your users tell you what they want to see. To succeed, give customers what they want. Craft quality posts that fill their needs and desires. You might only post two photos to Instagram per week, but in the interim, liking the type of posts they enjoy can benefit you, too. Twitter works the same. You might tweet an original post twice per week, but you can re-tweet your employees’ business related tweets and colleagues’ topical posts.

Design for mobile.

Choose a website look that wows, but also ensure it loads equally well on mobile devices as on a computer. About two-thirds of Americans own smartphones and most use them to conduct online research and shopping, says the Pew Research Center. Undertake your web designs with both screens in mind and include scripts that recognize the visitor’s device type.

Advertise on Facebook

Facebook starts its ads so cheap that you can run campaigns for less than $5. It provides an ideal method for small business to target locally or an online business to market nation- or world-wide. Boosted or promoted posts don’t do as well as giveaways. You don’t have to create a tangible promotional item to do this. You can create a digital document, such as an e-book, screensaver or wallpaper. Include an amazing image, so you’ll capture user attention.

Marketing may seem daunting at first, but if you know how to type, talk to people and be honest, you’ll do fine. People buy from brands they trust. Build honest relationships with your customers to succeed as an entrepreneur. You can get more ideas from Charles Lubbat each week on his blog.

5 DIY Projects For Your Home to Tackle This Summer

Your home is a treasure that must be kept in pristine condition and to do this you need to practice some DIY activities that can help you to achieve the perfect look you have always wanted. You don’t need to have technical skills to perform some hacks that could transform your home and probably elevate its value, should you think about selling in near future. Having the right ideas to pursue is the first step to remodeling your home to assume the shape and look you have always dreamt about. Here are top DIY tips you should pursue to remodel your home.


1. Front yard makeover

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Look at your walkway and think about the things you could do to make it better. The yard planters need some color and for this you could be a bit creative depending on the theme of the surrounding environment. Adding some impressive curb appeal will give you a chance to implement the improvement process and this does not require a lot of money. Taking good care of the outdoors shows others that you care about keeping your property in the best condition and also makes your home to stand out.

2. Attic insulation

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If the insulation mechanism used on your attic is not at par with industry requirements, you could pursue the work through a DIY process. The materials needed are not expensive and this is work that will not require that you must have technical knowhow of how to lay the insulation. It could take you few minutes or hours to do the job when you are free, and the effect can be lasting and satisfactory if you do it well. You could sacrifice one of your weekends to do this.


3. Attic and basement renovation

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If your home has a basement or big attic, you need to finish it out. Some of the ideas you could consider include making a man cave of your dreams and an extra bedroom for the family. Doing some finishing on the attic can help by introducing square footage into the home. What you need is to just make sure you get a permit and follow all the codes. Each state has a different code, so consider confirming what your state says about this to make sure you have used the right one. However, this is not likely to fetch you a higher price if you are doing it to get better rates because most buyers don’t consider this addition so necessary.


4. Look into the kitchen

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You could make some rearrangements to the kitchen to at least bring some order in this space. Some of the items you think are eating up on space and cluttering your kitchen could be stored using creative techniques. One of the things you can do on this is to create hanging mechanism that could also allow you to easily reach things like pans whenever you need to use them. De-clutter to make it more impressive and to ensure the kitchen becomes an interesting space where you can spend your time doing all the interesting stuff you could thing about.


5. Boost your bathroom

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On this you don’t need complex fixes as simple ideas could help you manage the process. All you need is to regroup, add some crown molding and make the space brighter using paint. Introducing textures for wallpapers could also boost the look of the space and this is the beauty you need to see whenever you enter into the bathroom to shower. Don’t just content living in a boring home when you can use simple skills to create a beautiful space.

How Virtual Reality Is Transforming The Real Estate Industry

Many people never thought virtual reality would break into the real world, but its application in the real estate industry has proved there is more to come in the development of groundbreaking technologies. Since 2010 when Oculus Rift released the first prototype, virtual reality has been in the news and the most talked about areas are gaming. But it seems professionals in industries like real estate are learning about the benefits such technology could bring. Several companies in the property market have already rolled out systems that are powered by virtual reality to help them in marketing and the results are amazing.

Capture remote customers

Through virtual reality, companies can now reach remote customers and allow them a chance to walk through the property they want without necessarily traveling to view physically. Those looking to move to a different country can take advantage of this technology to preview the properties available that they can buy before they make their trips. A few listings are now offering virtual walkthroughs that allow one to see what they are about to buy in real-time.

There is more freedom to explore all the corners of the property to learn about the features included and this is not like 3D architectural animation software that only offers a preview of the concept. Software like Render 3D Quick allows you to present the plan of construction in three dimension, but virtual reality gives you a chance to interact with the environment of the already completed building. Experts say that virtual reality could push conversion rates by 12.3 percent in coming two years, so those looking to reap benefits should invest in this technology.

Show homes remotely

If you are looking to give a preview of property you want to sell, you could opt to use virtual reality. It creates convenience and is a cheap option that people looking to buy property can use to assess the quality of what they want to acquire. Virtual reality allows buyers to see all the features available in a home before making their journey to physically inspect these elements. It is taking over the roles played by agents and will offer accurate guide that can also help buyers in decision making. On the part of the seller, virtual reality speeds up the selling process since it is a convincing method than other marketing options available in the real estate industry.

Show completed construction projects

Engineers and architectural experts are sometimes required to show some of the projects they have completed in a specified span of time. If these projects are located remotely, it would only make sense to have a system like virtual reality to enable a preview that can show others what one has been able to accomplish. Completed projects feature a vital part of one’s resume and proving their existence is difficult unless such a technology is used. Virtual reality is real and does not work like photoshopped images that only convince those who don’t take much time to verify information.

5 DIY Study Spaces for Your Child

How to make a study area for your child

Children start school with excitement, anticipation and a little worry. As they continue with classes, the homework becomes heavy, and you notice books are scattered all over the sitting room, kitchen, and even their bedroom. A parent may not have the funds to purchase those readymade workstations. Hence, they may decide to make one themselves. Here are five leading DIY ways to create study space for your child that Groza Learning Center recommends.

The adjacent homework station

You need to keep your child’s study area near you so that they can easily access you. The space just outside the kitchen is a good fit. All you need is some paint, purchase some cabinets from a factory and you are ready to go. Paint the cabinets with some vibrant paint to create a bright and lovely space that will motivate your child’s creativity. Ensure there is enough lighting and it is adjacent to the wall such that the child is not easily distracted by movements.

Creative closet space

The little-used closets can be turned into a study area for your child. You remove the doors of the closet, then line up the walls with fun patterns then create a handy homework niche. Kids need to do their homework in an area they are comfortable and one that creates a good atmosphere. Hence, when creating the pattern in the closet turned study area, it is important to get the child’s opinion as recommended by Groza Learning Center.

Kitchen counter Homework Station

There is usually a tiny desk in the kitchen at the end of the counter. It makes a perfect open study area for your child. It is not tucked into a cabinet, and it is good for younger children who need help with their homework and supervision. Additionally, it is an easy reach for snacks.

Plugged-In Study Nook

The built in cabinets can be turned into a study area. A little organization is needed such as making the cabinet level within the child’s reach and adding a chair. The cabinets are ideal as they face the wall thus there is minimal distractions. The built in cabinets can be added some shelves where the child can store their reading materials and make the place neat and organized.

Space saving station

Your house may have limited space, and there be no open cabinets to create a study space. However, you can utilize the small area in the bedroom by setting up a ladder rack. The ladder-like can be made at home; one requires wood and some paints. Join the woods then paint them to make them attractive. The base of the ladder should be strong as it requires to be stable. The ladder rack is then installed in the child’s bedroom. You prop it against the wall, it can be anchored, or it can be left to be portable. A chair is then put, and the lower rack becomes the study desk while the upper racks cab is storage areas.
Study areas should be attractive and comfortable. They require good lighting and minimal chance of distraction. For younger children, it should be near their parent’s access as they need supervision and guidance in their studies.

7 Easy DIY Weekend Garage Projects

Many homeowners take pride in their homes to an extent they feel there is no need to reassemble some parts to create a bit of space or to improve the setting. The notion that their homes are well-organized denies them a chance to enjoy the benefits of maximizing on the space available through minor rearrangements that can be completed over a weekend. The garage is one of the most important parts of a home that needs rearrangement and repairs from time to time to allow maximum utilization of the space available. To get the best out of your garage, you can try these DIY projects over the weekend.

1. Recycle and repurpose

Recycling not only benefits the homeowner but also contributes to the conservation of the environment. Even if you don’t support going green, you can still find ways to recycle things in the house in a great way that will save money as well. Muffin tins can be converted into storage bins with labels for each section. They can be used to store items like screws and small nuts. You can also turn your storage cabinet into a storage unit for items like spades and hammers.

2. Maximize space with shelving and storage

Most homeowners don’t use their garages as a storage space, which means they have to keep items they need in other places in the house. For a two-car garage, you will in most cases have at least 400 square feet. This is a lot of space if creative ideas are applied to design storage compartments for different tools. One of the ideas homeowners can embrace is ceiling storage racks, which can be made over a weekend. The setup can accommodate tools needed at the garage, so you will not need to fetch them from other places while working on your car.

3. Magnetic bits holder

Using magnetic tool holders, you can store light tools like drills in a manner that allows you to reach them whenever needed. Mounting a magnetic bit rack is a process that cannot take a lot of time. Over one of the weekends, you can buy the rack then assemble it to decongest cabinets. This idea not only offers convenience, but also allows you to save a lot of money while developing the storage system.

4. Make a pegboard wall

Another DIY option homeowners have is creating a pegboard, which is among low-cost storage ideas they can pursue to keep their garages organized. The pegboard is ideal for hanging lightweight tools and offers a convenient solution for keeping items in place. There are also many tutorials and instructional articles that guide homeowners on how to install a pegboard, so you should not have problems installing one over the weekend.

5. Group like things using plastic tabs

Grouping like items makes it easy to locate the tools you need. It takes time to sort things in a messy garage where all tools are stored in the same compartment. Having plastic tabs and labeling them according to the group of tools each will hold makes the garage more organized. You will have less work to do in future while retrieving important tools.

6. Build a wooden tape dispenser

For your frequent needs of using the tape, you can mount a wooden dispenser on the wall to enhance convenience and to create order in your garage. You can have multiple slots for different tapes that you may need in the garage. Also consult experts like Marty Stallone for better ideas while setting up the garage.

7. Hang bikes on the wall

Bikes consume a lot of space when left on the floor. You want to freely move about and having obstacles on the floor may not be a good idea. Hanging bikes on the wall is a perfect idea that is also endorsed by experts like Marty Stallone.

5 Woodworking DIYs for the Beginner

Have you ever thought of crafting something out of wood? If you haven’t, you should try. There are many amazing things you can make from wood as a beginner at a fraction of the cost you would need to buy them. True, woodworking can seem to be a daunting task, especially if you haven’t tried it before. But the truth is woodworking doesn’t have to be intimidating. Most of the items you can make as a beginner require just basic tools and simple instructions. Check out these five simple DIY woodwork projects you can start with as a beginner.

Bird House/Cage

A homemade birdhouse is an exciting woodwork project for children and adults alike. It is not a must that you have birds in your home to work on this project. Birdhouses can also form part of home décor. They add some charm when you hang them in your yard. When you work on a Birdhouse project, you also have the opportunity to teach kids about woodworking. It is a fantastic family project that is fun, simple, and inexpensive to work with. All you need is a saw, drill, plywood, dowel rod, pine board, and PVC pipe.

iPad Holder/Dock

This an amazing project you can make from just a single piece of wood. Essentially, the only cost you incur is the price of wood. If you love the idea of working with only wood and simple instructions with no joints, then you will find this project interesting. It will pose some reasonable level of challenge to work out something cool with natural elegance from a single piece. iPad dock can be a perfect gift for any tech lover.

Wine Bottle Holder

If you are a lover of wine, then there is nothing greater than to display your wine in a safe and elegant manner. Having a homemade wooden wine bottle holder makes it even more appealing. This piece of woodwork brings some charm to the drinks table. You can choose between a floating bottle holder or a wood plank. To construct a wine bottle holder is simple. All you need is a piece of wood, glue, and a nail gun. To make it impressive choose a wood piece with a natural finish.

Sofa Sleeve Coffee Cup Holder

This is one of the simplest, novice friendly woodwork projects. I’m sure this is one of those projects you would be thinking like “why didn’t I make one before”. This item will keep your cup of coffee close to you when you are relaxing on your couch. It also helps to protect your upholstery. This project is as simple as fixing together three pieces of wood and carving out a cup hole.

X-Leg Table

X-leg table is a versatile piece of furniture that can serve you anywhere in your home. It is lightweight and mobile. You can decide to use it as an outdoor coffee table or use it to hold items in an indoor setting. It is simple to design one, and you can complete this furniture in an hour or two. Furthermore, you can only use leftover fence board to make an X-leg table. Who knows, you may graduate to making picnic tables when you are through with this one.